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Keeping informed can take serious time and effort. .

Tools like Google Alerts may be free, but you still need to invest considerable time and effort to setup and fine tune these to track the companies and topics you want, and to filter out junk. Such tools also don't track vital updates your competitors post on their websites.

Rooster solves this - simply and effectively.

We take care of this for you. We setup Rooster to find, filter, and deliver news and updates of relevance to you. No setup, no hassle. And we allow you to share the alerts with your colleagues as well.

How Rooster helps

WITHOUT Rooster, you can waste lots of time - and miss key developments.

1. You waste time trying to setup Google Alerts
2. You waste time sifting through these to find what you want
3. You don't get updates posted on company websites
4. You can't share alerts easily with colleagues

WITH Rooster, you keep informed - and keep your colleagues informed too!

1. We customize and setup Rooster for you
2. Rooster tracks news sites AND checks company websites for updates
3. Rooster sends you a well-organized news feed
4. Rooster lets you annotate and share this with your colleagues.

Enter Your Info

All you need do is enter your company name, job title, and list the Companies and Topics you wish to monitor.

We Setup Rooster for You

We'll setup Rooster to monitor news sites and company websites - and filter the results for you.

Get Your News Feed

You'll receive a succinct email each morning with news and updates about the companies and the topics you specify.

Save and Share

You can annotate and save any news articles - and then share these with your colleagues to keep them all informed.

”Rooster is far superior to other solutions I've tried. It's a very effective tool for monitoring my competitors, key customers, partners, and new developments in my market area. “

— Fred Lucas, Director, Group Competitive Intelligence, SKF



Mellissa Clark

Business Intelligence Manager

“I like the way Rooster monitors company websites for updates and changes. It lets me know when an executive's name is removed from the Management Team page - something that would be very difficult to track otherwise.”

Mellisa Clark Business Intelligence Manager

Mellissa Clark

Business Intelligence Manager

“This is by far the easiest - and most cost-effective - way I’ve found to track the companies and topics I want. And it's so easy to share news and updates with colleagues.”

Louise Kelly Product Manager

Aldin Powell

Marketing Manager

“The daily update gives me all the information I need about new developments. I don’t have to waste time, or worry about missing out on key developments.”

Aldin Powell Marketing Manager

Why Rooster?

Simple, but Powerful

Rooster is a unique service that scans your competitors websites for updates, and checks the web for news. With Rooster, you'll get a complete view so you are not blindsided by new developments.

Customized alerts

Rooster takes care of filtering out unwanted and junk articles (e.g., about daily stock price changes).

Saves time and effort

You can browse through Rooster's well-organized daily email in just minutes a day. And your colleagues will benefit too as you share alerts with them.


Why should I consider Rooster when there are free services like Google Alerts?

With Google Alerts, you are likely to get dozens of emails a day, often with unwanted or junk news. This is especially true if the company name is a generic word (e.g., Plenty or Cozy). Rooster filters and organizes the news, so you don't have to wade through a ton of unwanted items. In addition, Rooster checks company websites for changes - that's often the only way to track what a company is up to.

Try Rooster alongside any other service, and you'll see the difference.

Can I track news about key Customers and Prospects?

Yes, you can track any companies you want, not just your Competitors. You can categorize the companies you as Competitors, Customers, Partners, or Prospects.

Can I get news about specific products that a company makes?

Yes, you can do that easily by adding filters to include additional keywords or phrases.

How do I adjust the alerts I get?

You can just forward your alert email to us at support@roostersystems.com with a note explaining what you'd like. We'll take care of adjusting the setup for you. You can also login and edit your setup as neeeded.

Can I add news articles that I find on my own to the Portal?

Yes. Just copy and paste the link to the news article. Rooster will automatically add the headline, description and other details.

Can I share the alerts I want with my colleagues?

Yes, it's very easy. First, create a list of recipients you wish to keep informed on a regular basis. Then just save the articles of interest and send a link to all your recipients, who can view the saved alerts on a portal.



$ 49 / month For 1 account Try it Now, Free

Key Features

  • Monitors any Companies & Topics
  • Tracks News & Website Updates
  • Filters out irrelevant items
  • Delivers a Daily Alert
  • Lets you Select, Annotate, Share


$ 99 / month Create up to 3 accounts Try it Now, Free

Key Features

  • Monitors any Companies & Topics
  • Tracks News & Website Updates
  • Filters out irrelevant items
  • Delivers a Daily Alert
  • Lets you Select, Annotate, Share


$ 199 / month Create up to 10 accounts Try it Now, Free

Key Features

  • Monitors any Companies & Topics
  • Tracks News & Website Updates
  • Filters out irrelevant items
  • Delivers a Daily Alert
  • Lets you Select, Annotate, Share